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Empowering rare disease communities, digitally.

We are a small health tech start-up based in Germany. Founded by doctors in 2021, we have grown into a unique team of passionate experts. We know that navigating the healthcare system can be complex and challenging. Our vision is to provide innovative, personalized digital solutions combined with the "human factor" to transform rare disease care.

DHC stands for #radicalcollaboration: our products are developed in close collaboration with patients, caregivers, physicians, academic partners and pharmaceutical companies.

co-creation at DHC

Our Values

We follow a set of core values that shape the way we work. These values reflect our commitment to providing our communities with products of the highest quality.


We act as a neutral mediator to unite all interest groups behind a common goal.


We take responsibility and create solutions that last.

We are only available for sustainable partnership models.


We believe that #radicalcollaboration is the key to great products and satisfied customers.

Want to discuss the future of healthcare?

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